Professionals Circus Singapore


Professionals Circus Singapore

First of all how long do you think you can go without having a regular job that deposits to your account weekly or monthly as a circus Singapore performer? A Job that covers your health insurance and gives you paid holidays annually. Or offers you bonuses at the end of the year for your great development and where you can save enough money for your retirement? Does it sound like an exaggeration? Because the truth is, this is the reality of many performers; actors, singers, musicians and dancers.

Most of us struggle at some point in our careers with being employed full-time for long periods or juggling many jobs at a time. The opportunities to find a job in the showbiz that provides acceptable conditions. E.g accommodation, salary, travel expenses, visas etc are very random and scarce compared with the many performers looking for a job out there. If you are not sure you could survive to similar conditions, perhaps this job is not meant for you.

Being a professional full-time performer we basically make the biggest jump into the sacrificing privileges for dreams. We sometimes leave our homes, our families and give up all our time. Give up public holidays to entertain others or train for the next gig. Many emerging performers don’t understand the importance of keeping the business healthy and profitable for everyone. Industries nowadays tend to abuse performers with a click of the fingers, especially the talented newcomers.

There is the promise of a little fame, media exposure or a means to upgrade “your resume” when you are simply getting offered a shitty deal. As a result, they want our time, our talent, our hard work and our prestige for free.

A Professional knows their value.

If you perhaps are just starting, ask yourself what would be a reasonable fee for your services? If you are not sure, always ask someone that knows and works in the market.

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