Singapore Circus


Singapore Circus

Circus In Motion is a contemporary circus arts company. That offers social circus workshop and visually captivating circus performances. We specialize in inventive live performances and the creative use of geometrical shapes to perform our circus acts. We take pride in being the first company in Singapore Circus to perform the Cyr Wheel, the Giant Cube and the Ultra Violet pyramids in a series of events such as the Esplanade’s Flipside Festival 2012, 2014 & 2015. True Hearts CommChest 2011 and 2015 on Mediacorp Channel 8 as well as on Oktolive! The company has also performed for various corporate functions and counts organisations. Like DBS and Sentosa Development Corporation as their team building clients.

Circus In Motion, have a show called “Circus Extravaganza”. Piece together your show based on your need and budget. Circus Extravaganza a circus variety act put together by 10 acts. Acts ranges from fire twirling, to a highly skilled juggling passing act to a diabolo duo. Highlights of the show include the use of shapes to perform circus acts. Giant Cube and pyramids would be spun at high speed to create geometrical illusions and the finale features the Cyr Wheel, a human size wheel, with a performer rolling the wheel from the inside to perform his stunts.

Circus In Motion, also have our very own Chinese circus show which showcases 3 different acts from “The Hundredth Entertainment, (百技)” from the Han Dynasty. Acts include our modern rendition of a diabolo duo, traditional ceramic bowl spinning coupled with cigar box manipulation. Also be amazed by the art of face changing, an ancient art form from Sichuan. In short, its Chinese circus with a modern twist.

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