Jay’s trip to Taiwan


Jay’s trip to Taiwan

On this week’s blog Circus in Motion sents Jay to Kali Elementary School 喀哩國小 for spinning top training. A spinning top is a toy designed to spin rapidly on a surface but they took it to the next level by throwing the spinning top from a distance to a small platform. There’s a video below, Spintop Sniper by Kuma Films to have a better understanding of 花式陀螺 aka spinning top. You will be amazed by their skill. 

On 8 Oct Jay went to Taiwan, Taichung City representing Circus in Motion for spin top training from the gan le there, the players of the art is known as “gan le”. It’s really an eye-opening experience for Jay. You will need accuracy and precision to land your spinning top on a small platform as you can see from the video below. Some local uncle can even accurately land the spinning top on a 20 cent coin from a great distance.

Student’s from Kali Elementary School as young as 11 years old is already very skilled in this art. As they have 午休 (afternoon break) in schools in Taiwan, the students make use of the time to practice. Every day they will practice for around 1 hour.

Jay’s time in Taichung is mostly training alongside the students and a 花式陀螺 coach there trying to perfect his accuracy and precisions from a distance. The spirit of the traditional form of entertainment is becoming rarer in big cities but some “gan le” is trying to keep this traditional culture alive. The passion of the traditionalist is very admirable, Jay’s view on the passion displayed by the traditionalist “Age doesn’t matter, as long as you put your heart into it. Look out for a possible upcoming new act.”


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