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Circus Workshops

Circus Workshops Circus Workshops transcend all boundaries and challenges physical limitations. It is our belief attending our Circus In Motion workshops, children and youths are given opportunities. To explore strengths…. Read More

Singapore Circus

Singapore Circus Circus In Motion is a contemporary circus arts company. That offers social circus workshop and visually captivating circus performances. We specialize in inventive live performances and the creative…. Read More

Juggling Tutorial

Juggling Tutorial for some reason, most people tend to think of clowns when they think of juggling. It’s true that many clowns know how to juggle, but they often know…. Read More

Circus in Motion’s Singapore Street Festival Experience

Singapore Street Festival 2013 featured Circus in Motion Jay Che the founder of Circus in Motion heard about “social circus” 13 years ago and his interest was piqued. The movement…. Read More

Roving Acts

Roving Acts Our Roving Acts also have characters who are dressed for your special Holidays. The Christmas Party, Spooky Halloween, and even Festive Chinese New Year are part of our…. Read More

Professionals Circus Singapore

Professionals Circus Singapore. First of all how long do you think you can go without having a regular job that deposits to your account weekly or monthly as a circus…. Read More