Stage Acts


The J Show (Comedy Circus) 



Jay kicks off the show with his fast paced devilstick routine and his signature crystal ball act. Watch as he manipulates the crystal ball making them float with haunting beauty. An engaging plate spinning routine with him twisting his arms and rolling his body in weird angles follows.


He then switches to his loud and crazy self, and conjures up a comedy escape act. In his escape act, Jay seems have lubricated hands as he teases the audience and escapes from his wrist shackle held tightly by two brass padlocks with ease. In his grand finale, Jay defies gravity yet again by as he juggles three razor sharp knives perched on top of his Rolla Bola tower.This show has been featured in 14 countries around the world, such as Italy, Poland, Spain, Korea and the UAE.

Mr. Numero

Numero (№) also known as numbers is what this show is all about. In juggling terms, numbers means not one, but two diabolos. Not juggling three, but five balls. Highlights of the show includes illusions created by manipulating a figure of the number 8. It also showcases fast paced diabolo and Juggling. Lastly, Mr Numero showcases his unique talent of multi-tasking. That is, standing on a slack rope and juggling 3 knives, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This show has action and comedy, promising a fun filled time for all. 

The Pyro Guy


The Pyro Man bring the element of fun and danger together. The show involves flames and chains! Watch as he eats, twirls and light himself on fire for your entertainment. As he does this with ease, you wouldn’t even think its real fire.


His fire twirling act involves complicated moves like wrapping the fire around himself and having the fire heads brush pass his body. Audience would also have a chance to help him with his fire eating and also his chains escape act. If you think you can chain him up so he wouldn’t be able to escape, do try it yourself.

Juggling Artisans


Juggling Artisans is a juggling duo that showcases the finer side of object manipulation.  


The Concentric circles acts performed with perfectly executed isolation skills would leave the audience thinking whether the rings has moved or not in the show. A rarely seen act, hat juggling would also be showcased. The highlights of this show includes a synchronised diabolo duo act that includes the passing of 4 diabolos between the performers and then culminating into an exciting finale of 6 knives juggling act. 

Chinese Circus Reinvented

Our very own Chinese circus show which showcases 3 different acts from “The Hundredth Entertainment, (百技)” from the Han Dynasty. Acts include our modern rendition of a diabolo duo, traditional ceramic bowl spinning coupled with cigar box manipulation. Also be amazed by the art of face changing, an ancient art form from Sichuan. In short, its Chinese circus with a modern twist.

Circus Extravaganza


Piece together your show based on your need and budget. Circus Extravaganza is a circus variety act put together by 10 acts. Acts ranges from fire twirling, to a highly skilled juggling passing act to a diabolo duo. Highlights of the show include the use of shapes to perform circus acts. Giant Cube and pyramids would be spun at high speed to create geometrical illusions while the finale features the Cyr Wheel, a human size wheel, with a performer rolling the wheel from the inside to perform his stunts. 


Our CommChest performance:

Space Requirements: A space clearance of at least 5 metres by 5 metres with height of 4 metres is required for item 3-5.Flooring for Cyr Wheel would have to be ideally wooden or tiled surface.


Details of Show

1. Contact Juggling (1 performer, 3.5 mins or 6 mins)

2. Spinning Square (2 performers, 1.5 min)

3. Giant Cube (1 performer, 2 mins)

4. Spinning Tetrahedron (2 performer, 1.5 mins)

5. Cyr Wheel (1 performer, 3 mins)

6. Fire Twirling/ LED twirling (1-4 performers, 2.5- 5 mins)

7. Juggling (2 performers, 13 mins)

8. Diabolo (2 performers, 3.5 mins or 6 mins)

9. Bowls and Boxes 2 performer (6 mins)

10. Isolation Rings 1 performer (3.5 mins)

11. LED Buugeng (2 mins)