Statements below are abstracted from commendation letters sent from the schools

Fengshan Primary School Ms Ooi Hui Shan, School Counsellor





I saw my Circus Arts pupils advance from Primary 5 to Primary 6 for the past three cohorts and what I saw were more matured and responsible individuals who now knew that they too had talents despite their lack of success in academic tasks; and this in turn boosted their confidence and self-efficacy; all of these pupils graduated successfully from their first attempt at PSLE. They learnt that from not knowing how (circus arts skills), they now know through putting in practice and perseverance. This experience can only be self-lived and cannot be taught; that is how they overcome the odds by translating the experience into their last hurdle: their studies. Thank you.

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) Ms Isma Wati, HOD PCCG


A dedicated and caring facilitator and you are able to engage our students’ minds and touch hearts through this activity. The uniqueness of this activity is that you are not only teaching Circus Arts skills to our pupils, but more importantly, you are able to transmit values like determination, patience and care through interaction with the students. This programme helps to build our students’ self esteem through your encouragement and guidance.



Circus In Motion trained the students for a period of 12 weeks, imparting soft-skills such as goal setting and perseverance to the students through Circus skills like juggling balls, pois and diabolos. They also used stilt-walking to help boost the confidence and self-esteem of students by helping them to find courage and overcome their fears.


The trainers from Circus In Motion were dedicated and responsible, and they were very good at encouraging and interacting with the students. They helped to customize the performance according to the students’ strengths and also g -the extra mile in helping-students to prepare for the performance. We have enjoyed the partnership with Circus In Motion and look We forward to working with them in the future.

Yuying Secondary School Mr Lawrence Lim, HOD PE


It has been observed that the trainers epitomised qualities of mastery and humility in the delivery of the lesson packages . Trainers became the real life examples of how the skill has developed individuals – the trainers themselves to become talented artiste in the field of juggling . Using the intrinsic motivation garnered from juggling journey, they were able to pique the interest and challenged the students according to their diverse competencies . The endearing quality that Circus In Motion has displayed is the down-to-the-level approach in which they ‘push’ the student in achieving the next level.