Children & Youth


Circus arts transcend all boundaries and challenges physical limitations. It is our belief that through attending our workshops, children and youths are given opportunities to explore their strengths in performance arts and exercise their creativity while at the same time building up their perseverance, discipline and self-esteem. Our instructors are trained in sports coaching, working with youth in difficulty, as well as working with participants with special needs. They are equipped with skills to handle participants with diverse needs. Our holistic approach ensures that there is continuity in the programme from the basic level to the advance level allowing the students to pick up different skill sets as they progress through the levels.

Power Circus

Power Circus combines Circus Arts with the established Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles to impart life skills as well as academic/studying skills.


The Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model, developed by the late Dr Rita Dunn and Dr Kenneth Dunn of St John’s University in New York, is one of the most well-researched learning style models in the world. Every piece of research has consistently testified that when anyone is taught according to this model, their academic achievement improves, as does their attitude, self-discipline. Participants would have their learning styles profiled and with a six page learning styles report generated detailing their learning styles.


Circus Arts would then be used as a tool to reinforce the participants’ learning styles and as well as work with them on life skills such as self –esteem, perseverance and creativity. The programme culminates with a performance in the school at the end. This would allow the school to view the participants in a positive light. 

Project Leap I – Basic Circus

Project Leap I is a 13 session programme leading to a performance. Participants would be given opportunities to be exposed to a variety of circus props. They would then be led to discover their strengths in a particular prop whereby specialization of the prop leading up to a performance takes place. Project Leap provides a platform for self-discovery, team work and building of self-esteem as activities are pitched at a level whereby participants are likely to succeed.



Participants would get exposed at least 7 different types of circus skills. Exciting elements includes learning to walk on the walking globe and building human pyramids with their team mates. Participants would also start as a noob and end as a performer by doing a simple show in school.


  • Develop self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to operate in a team.
  • Promote the development of creativity and perseverance in young people.


13 x 2 hrs session

Project Leap II – Intermediate Circus

Project Leap II is a continuation of Project Leap and it seeks to equip youths with intermediate circus skills for them to perform and handle their props more confidently. Fire twirling and intermediate manipulation techniques would be taught to the students to help add another dimension to their performance. Participants would also get to perform CIP in the form of a workshop and a performance for a Volunteer Welfare Organisation.



Students would get their hands on some fire props to build confidence as well as slacklining, the art of walking on slackline. They would also get to learn stilt walking as well as the jumping stilts!


  • To pick up intermediate circus skills.
  • Develop self-esteem and preseverance and the ability to operate in a team.
  • Educate participants to the needs of the under-privileged through a (CIP) workshop and performance.


11 x 2 hr sessions

(1 session of CIP with VWO)