Other Programmes

Other Programmes

Rubik’s Cube Art

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the world’s most popular toy with 450 million sold worldwide since its launch in 1977. Due to its interesting combination of complexity and ubiquity, the Cube or solving it became the symbol of intelligence and problem solving. Participants would be divided into team of 4-8. They would be taught the techniques to solve One side of the Cube. Through learning how to solve one side of the cube, the participants would have the opportunity to go through the different phase of problem solving, from making mistakes, feeling frustrated, persevering through the difficulties to finally feeling elated when one can solve a side of the cube. We hope to help them understand the different facets of problem solving and the value of grit in problem solving. Each team would be asked to piece together a small mural/picture in the first session.In subsequent sessions, the different teams would then be assigned to twist different segments of a much bigger picture, which would then be pieced together.

Bubble Art – Bubble Work Shop

Bubble Art is a 6 session programme leading to a show case. The workshop begins with a quick introduction to making of show bubbles. Participants would be taught how to create different bubble structures and the use of household items to make show bubble solution.



Participants would learn a variety of different bubble tricks in which some of them are relatively easy. Eg. Bubbles in bubble and the Bubble Worm). Participants would also be taught how to make their bubble wands.


Promote the development of creativity

Improve the fine motor skills and eye hand coordination of participants as bubble making is a very delicate art. 

Sampler Workshop

We are also offering “Sampler” programmes for organisations that would like to have a go at the circus. Sampler programmes can range anything from one session to any number of sessions determined by the client.



Participants would get to try at least 2 circus skills ( Diabolo and Plate Spinning) that is easily attainable and visually pleasing helping them to enhance their self esteem and confidence.   


  • Develop self-esteem, self confidence in participants.
  • Challenge and improve the fine motor skills and eye hand coordination of participants. 


13 x 2 hrs session