Roving Acts


Circus In Motion’s team of talented artists will work with you to brighten up the event. Perfect for meet and greets, roving performers will create a great atmosphere at any event as they move among the audience and interact with them. 

 Roving Jugglers and Diabolist

Our Roving Jugglers comes in a range of costumes and juggling style. From the masquerade jugglers to the all-encompassing ” Circus In a Suitcase” juggler, to “ Mysteria” with his crystal balls, we have just about everything to suit all occasions. Check out our roving diabolist whom have competed in Taiwan. They might be roving in a mall near you especially during Lunar New Year. 

Stilt Walkers/Globe Walkers/Fire Artiste

Our Stilt Walkers are multi-talented being able to juggle, mingle and twirl the poi. The Globe Walkers are an act seldom seen outside of a circus, this being the first in Singapore. Watch as they stay balanced while walking on the giant globe. Our fire artistes are also able to breathe, eat and twirl fire. They can also twirl LED lights if fire is not permitted at the venue. 


Requirements: Floor to be ideally carpeted for the Globe Walkers

Mime Artistes/Magicians/Balloonists/Human Statues

Other talents includes Roving Magicians, Mime Artistes and Human Statues that are perfect for pre-event entertainment. Do request a difficult balloon sculpture from our balloonist as he is better than we thought.

Thematic Roving

We also have characters who are dressed for your special Holidays. The Christmas Party, Spooky Halloween, and even Festive Chinese New Year are part of our repertoire. If you have a special event and want our entertainers there to entertain and make people laugh, smile or even scream we are there for you.Requirements: Floor to be ideally carpeted for the Globe Walkers