Team Building


Team Building Workshops

Circus training helps to develop confidence, trust, non-verbal communication and leadership. Taking part in circus activities is a highly enjoyable way for people to develop important skills that apply to all walks of life. In an atmosphere of terrific fun, they can discover a host of benefits such as new ways of learning, improved communication abilities, stronger mutual support and respect.



Participants would get to support each other and ensure each other’s safety as they attempt certain activities such as the walking globe or the stilts thereby forging mutual trust and enhancing their communication.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies can choose to fulfil their CSR by inviting a charity to join in their team building workshops like DBS and Shang-rila Resorts Group.

Customised Objectives

We are also able to customize the objectives of the workshops like what we did for Sentosa Development Corporation i.e. They spoke about a collective team effort being essential to prevent security lapses on Sentosa.


Determined by client depending on objectives

We can customised workshop to incorporate specific corporate goals and conducted at your workplace.