Our Team



Jay Che, The Manipulator

Jay Che, the principal instructor of Circus In Motion graduated with a degree in social work from the National University of Singapore. A chance meeting with Cirque Du Soleil’s social arm, Cirque Du Monde made him decide that social circus is one of the best outreach tools to youths. Trained by Cirque Du Monde’s “train the trainers” programme in Melbourne in 2001, 2002 & 2008, he has since gone on to conduct circus workshops to youths in special schools, mainstream schools, the Boy’s/Girls’ Home as well as in prison schools. He has also done outreach programmes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


Jay’s main interest in the field of circus arts is object manipulation. His repertoire includes, Ping Pong Ball juggling using the mouth, Contact Juggling with crystal balls, Bounce Juggling. He has done circus festivals and street performing festivals in Cambodia, Poland, Spain & Italy, Korea and Dubai.

Firdaus, The Pyro Guy

Firdaus, an instructor and performer in Circus In Motion, completed his Diploma and Bachelor(Hons) in Theatre in NAFA. He specializes in fire art (Poi, Staff, Fire Breathing, Fire Contact) as well as the Cyr Wheel. In the process of learning Aerial Silk, he is one of the main creative minds in Circus In Motion, and uses his talent to come up with the artistic directions for the different performances. 


Benjamin Teo, Mr Numero

Benjamin, a senior instructor of Circus In Motion started learning circus arts at the age of 14. He had an aspiration to be like his instructor as circus has become a big part of his life. He is now on the opposite side of the workshops, teaching and imparting skills and values to the students. To further improve how he can help other at risk youths, Benjamin has also furthered his studies to attain a Bachelor of Social Work.


Benjamin’s persona of Mr. Numero (Mr №) comes from the interest of juggling numbers i.e. in juggling terms, it refers to 2 diabolos or more and 5 balls or more. He is equally adept at his balancing and multi-tasking skills and has the ability to balance on a slack line whilst juggling 3 knives!

Edward Chua, Diabolic Diabolist

Edward Chua, a senior instructor of Circus In Motion, started learning circus arts at the age of 14. He took a special interest in circus art when his school chose him to be part of a circus arts workshop. He has since gone full circle to becoming an instructor conducting circus workshops in special and mainstream schools. He had also taken part in international diabolo competition (PEH CUP 2012) and performed at Esplanade’s Flipside Festival 2012 and 2016. 


Edward’s main interest in circus art lies with the diabolo. His other repertoire of tricks also includes, hat manipulation, and shapes twirling (Spinning Square and Spinning Pyramids)


Janice Ho, Little Miss Sunshine

Janice started circus at the age of 10. That very same passion has kept her going as she challenges herself to learn new things and bring her skills to the next level. She experiences the most satisfaction when she manages to impart her knowledge and know-hows of circus to students and upon a successful performance of her students under her guidance.


Her stage name of Little Miss Sunshine comes from her personality of being cheerful as well as being able to cheer people up whilst on a unicycle. Caution!! Be wary for she is also the Black Angel Crystal Ball juggler in the company. 

Sean Tan, The IsoMan

Sean is one of the new additions to the team. Unlike most who have gone through the program, he had a chance meeting with the guys from Circus In Motion and was roped into the team as he had unique skills sets.


Sean’s unique form of object manipulation incorporates dances techniques like popping to create a visual spectacle where most people would likely do a double take. As his stage name suggest, his strengths lies in object isolation in which objects are actually moving but seems stationary in the eyes of the audience.