Bubbleworkz is a show whereby the bubble artiste would perform tricks  with single bubble to complex bubble structures. Be amazed by the artiste  merging and separating bubbles, and using smoke to create opaque bubble  effects. Volunteers would also be asked on stage in which the entire length  of the volunteer’s body would be engulfed by […]


‘Lazer’ has been presented in Singapore River Festival. It is a visual spectacle  created with a mixture of contemporary circus, LEDs and laser. Highlights of the  show includes laser bending and laser sword fighting, looking like a scene from  a Sci-fi movie. The show would culminate with a LED twirling performance.

Flea Circus

Reviving a traditional form of entertainment during the Victorian times,  presenting The Royal Flea Circus. Fleas are some of the strongest animals in  this planet, often being able to lift 150 times their own body weight. They  are also able to jump very high, and if it is human sized, then it can jump  over […]