Team Building

Team Building

Team Building

Circus Team Building

Circus training helps to develop confidence, trust, non-verbal communication and leadership. You will try things you never imagined trying, achieve things you didn’t expect to achieve, and learn things that you will never forget! Taking part in circus activities is a highly enjoyable way for people to develop important skills that apply to all walks of life. In an atmosphere of terrific fun, they can discover a host of benefits such as new ways of learning, improved communication abilities, stronger mutual support and respect. 


  • We can customised workshop to incorporate specific corporate goals and conducted at your workplace.
  • Objectives: Developing mutual trust amongst team members.

                  : Enhancing communication amongst team members and ability to operate as a team

  • Duration: Determined by client depending on objectives 
  • Highlights: Participants would get to support each other and ensure each other’s safety as they attempt certain activities such as the walking globe or the stilts thereby forging mutual trust and enhancing their communication.

Rubik's Teambuilding

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the world’s most popular toy with 450 million sold worldwide since its launch since 1977. Due to its interesting combination of complexity and ubiquity, the Cube or solving it became the symbol of intelligence and problem solving.

Some say the Cube looks more like a puzzle than a toy. What if your department is split into different teams to solve different sections of Rubik’s puzzle and when pieced together, all of them utter in amazement as they see what they have created together as a team?

1) If each department/team takes ownership of their job/function, the department/company would achieve its goal.
2) Everyone in the team plays a part in the bigger picture no matter how big or small.
3) The toughest puzzle can be solved only by everyone putting in their fair share of effort.
Modus Operandi
The participants would be divided into team of 4-8. They would be taught to solve One side of the Cube. Each team would then have to deliver a certain number of Rubik’s cubes in the combination that is specified to them in the time limit. When the “blocks” of cubes are being put together, it would form the completed puzzle/mural.


Duration: (1 x 3 hour) Artwork and Duration Customizable